Fly-fishing Schools

Group and private schools in the classroom and on the stream. Casting instruction and masterclasses.

Teaching Philosophy

A teacher should exist for his or her students. The role of a teacher is as a conduit for knowledge. I use multiple techniques of explanation to break down difficult concepts and make them easy to understand and begin to master. Every individual learns differently and at a different pace. Some are visual learners, others learn by doing. I have taught thousands of beginners and anglers of all levels and have a patient and inspirational approach. Learning should not be a bland academic experience, but instead should be filled with fun. After all, the sport of fly-fishing is not calculus! My job as a teacher is to be effective in my instruction and certain that no one is left behind.


I have taught clinics for Trout Unlimited, local chapters of the FFF, private instruction on the water, Orvis introductory courses as well as the Orvis corporate school programs. I have been teaching fly-fishing for over 15 years, especially the art of fly-casting. At an event where I had to teach 100 children between ages 5 and 15, one TU luminary remarked afterwards that “I have never seen anyone that is better at getting someone who has never held a fly-rod to cast 30 feet in just fifteen minutes!” Experience counts, and my passion for teaching and the joy I get out of seeing the students absorb knowledge will show.


2020 classes:

Half-day casting masterclass and tuneup. Coming soon...

Spey casting in the Driftless. coming soon...

One Day trout Masterclass. Coming soon...

Check back as I work to schedule dates for these classes...


How to book:    Call for availability or email me. I will get back to you as soon as I can. Some classes fill up fast. Booking in advance assures that a class is not cancelled or over-booked. I can also always accommodate any special requests as to private or group classes.


One-day Trout Masterclass:             Limited to 1 or 2 anglers, this course is held live on a trout stream. It focuses on taking intermediate fly-fishers to the next level through hands-on experience in casting, presentation, reading water, adapting to special situations, and tips and tricks to widen your world of possibility and focus on trout streams. I can present a masterclass at any point, so pick a date, and we can cater a plan together.


Curriculum: Overhead casting, roll casting, steeple casts, reach casts, spey casting with a trout rod, basic entomology, presenting the dry fly and control, fishing the active and passive fly, fly and bug behavior, line control, awareness on the stream, wet flies and streamers, fishing the nymph with and without an indicator, and actual fishing while putting all that learning to use.      8-10 hours in nature’s classroom. $325


2-Day beginning fly-fishing school:                        Coming soon....


Beginning Fly-Casting:            Limited to 3 anglers, this class is designed for the beginner level. Course includes rod and reel rigging, concepts of fly-casting vs. spin or bait casting, rod types and line weight, and the basic casts including overhead, roll, steeple, shooting line, and getting the line-hand involved.            4-5 hours in the field. $200


Fly-Casting Masterclass:             Limited to 3 anglers, this course is designed to help perfect the various casts and gain mastery over distance and accuracy as well as applying casting to special situations and getting the most possibility out of a fly-rod. Covered are the overhead cast, side arm, roll, spey casts, steeple, shooting line, the double-haul, and in-air mending. Accuracy techniques include games with hoops and targets. Students should be able to put out 30 feet of fly-line in an overhead cast as a prerequisite for the course.  5-6 hours in the field and on the water. Guaranteed to make you a better caster. $200